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kuhagen.gif (5262 bytes)Kuhagen, Inc.’s Global Utility Tracking Systems ("GUTS") provides utility, pipeline, locating, and construction companies with global technology in monitoring, patrolling and protecting facilities any where in the world. With over 20 years’ experience in construction, excavation, and aviation, GUTS not only has an integrated suite of software and hardware applications for anyone receiving tickets from a one call center but also provides companies with GPS solutions to accurately document and track their utilities, as required by governmental agencies, in a fast growing and ever-changing environment. Our PC/Windows-based ICU Ticket Management Program with the Vista One Call Mapping can efficiently handle the job of receiving 50 or 200,000 tickets, map the tickets, and at the same time display an utility’s overlay.
Kuhagen, Inc. is a first line dealer for Inter*Comm USA (ICU) Ticket Management program and the Vista One Call Mapping software. We are also authorized dealers for Garmin International (GPS products), Whitestar Corporation (digital cartography), Mobile Office Vehicle, Inc. (office/vehicle supplies) and Ingram Micro Systems (computer components). Kuhagen, Inc. is also an end-user supplier for Future Tech Systems, Inc. (notebook computer components) and supplies custom built computers with automated back-up systems, disaster recovery, and uninterrupted power supplies for continuous one call ticket reception.
We provide utility companies with various types of Global Positioning System (GPS) units for their field vehicles and patrol aircraft to accurately locate facilities using longitude and latitude coordinates. Proven advantages of using GPS units are that it saves man-hours in locating a facility and most importantly, reduces response time by emergency teams. We can also provide the accuracy of real time differential on the GPS units to locate stationary objects and moving mobile vehicles to an accuracy of better than one meter. Our more sophisticated GPS unit has the capabilities of storing longitude and latitude coordinates and downloading that data into a computer system.
We enable utility companies to build a flexible and shareable system on a company wide and worldwide basis by linking GPS units to computers using a specialized mapping software. Then, they can create and print customized overlays detailing all of their facilities. The software has the unique ability to display your company’s current paper drawings, plats, blueprints, and as-builts, in addition to NAD 27, NAD 83, and WGS 84 Tiger road/street mapping. The benefits users have received from using our system are increased office and field productivity, compliance with Federal and State regulators, and reduced overhead.
Generally, we provide sales, installation, training, rental of hardware, custom applications, and technical support for software. In addition to customizing computer and GPS hardware and software for smaller companies, users can share and input data, link to a common database, and allow company standardization on a worldwide basis. Our company offers specialized packages, i.e. GPS units, computer hardware, software, etc., which can be easily tailored to individual company need and budget, with an eye for future expansion.
As the future unfolds, we are working closely with the One Call System, a state-wide program (where applicable) requiring notification to utility companies of impending encroachments. Standardizing an integrated system between the utility companies and the One Call system will create uniformity in the processing of data and tracking of facilities throughout the United States. Coupled with this view to expand services, Global Utility Tracking Systems' priority continues to be to work with utility/One Call companies to provide to its users the highest performance, best quality, and most robust and reliable service possible for improved monitoring, patrolling, and protection of facilities with the highest level of integrity.